Learn how to use a CHI wet to dry flat iron

Considering traditional flat irons can only be used on dry hair, we don’t always have the time to either blow dry or allow hair to air in order to achieve the fabulous results that a flat iron can deliver. This is why the CHI Auto-Digital Wet to Dry Ceramic Flat Iron is so remarkable. What’s even better? Using the CHI wet dry flat iron is very simple:

Styling your Hair with a CHI Wet To Dry Flat Iron

Step 1:
Wash and condition your hair with moisture-rich products like CHI Infra Shampoo and CHI Infra Treatment. Towel dry your hair well, getting rid of excess water but leaving it damp.

Step 2:
Evenly distribute a heat protection product, like CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray, throughout your hair and divide into one-to-two inch sections.

Step 3:
Choose the flat iron temperature that is appropriate for your hair and styling needs. Starting as close to the roots as possible, glide the iron down each section, repeating if necessary until the hair is dry and smooth.

Step 4:
Let the hair cool and finish with a small amount of smoothing product.

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