Tips for Fabulous Hair This Holiday Season Using Your Flat Iron

Make sure to turn heads this holiday season with do-it-yourself salon-glamorous hair, easily achieved at home, with your flat iron. And because every party has a different personality, your hairstyle should reflect just the right look at each bash you attend. Sounds like a mission? It’s not!, because the flat iron is such a versatile tool that you can use it to attain many different looks – whether you just want to add volume for a touch of glamour, give your mane some bone-straight allure, flip your layers, or even achieve fabulous waves or curls.

To add volume to your hair:

Attaining gorgeous full hair with a flat iron can be as easy as having the right hardware. Unlike traditional irons designed with flat plates, the CHI Volumizer 3/4 Inch Iron has plates that are curved to give roots desired fullness and create perfect curls or flips at the ends. Piece of cake!

To straighten curly or wavy hair:

Keep in mind that salon-like results start with your choice of shampoo and conditioner. The TIGI S Factor Smoothing Shampoo cleanses gently while adding shine and the TIGI S-Factor Smoothing Conditioner seals the hair to lock in moisture, making them great choices for curly or wavy hair.

Evenly distribute a product such as Silky Smooth Moisture Serum, which moisturizes and smoothes the hair’s cuticle, while providing heat protection. Blow dry for best results, but you may also allow to air dry. Using a quality ceramic flat iron that reaches a high-enough temperature to straighten your curly hair, clamp each section at a time, gently sliding the iron all the way down to the roots. Use a finishing product such as TIGI After Party for an extra smooth look.

To achieve fabulous curls or waves:

Prepare your hair by blow drying it thoroughly and applying a protective product, which will also help your curls set. Keep in mind that you will need a flat iron with a rounded edge design to avoid creating unnatural dents in your hair.

Grab a one-to-two inch section of hair and wrap it once around the bottom plate, starting about two inches from the scalp. If you place the iron too close to the scalp, you will create too much volume near the top of the head. Gently close the plates, lightly gripping the hair and glide the iron down towards the ends while rotating it outwards.

Gently clip your hair to keep the hair that is not being curled out of the way. Repeat this process until you have curled all of your hair and finish with a light aerosol hairspray for extra hold if desired.

For marvelous layers:

Regardless of whether you like your layers to flip under or outward, you can easily learn to flip your hair with a flat iron in order to achieve fabulous results.

First, protect your hair against the heat with a product designed for thermal styling. Separate hair into two-inch sections, making sure that the section you are working with does not have hair from multiple layers but rather it is all the same length. As you glide the flat iron down your hair, gently bend your wrist to flip in the desired direction. Repeat until you finish all sections.

This holiday season, all you need are the right products and technique to wow with gorgeous styles that will leave everyone thinking you spent a fortune at the salon.

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