7 Tips to Super Straight Hair

Depending on the straight hairstyle you desire – voluminous straight or stick-straight hair – there are different methods to a straight hairstyle. For a super, straighter-than-straight look, we recommend a blowout followed by flat ironing your hair. Perfect the do by following our 7 tips to achieve stick-straight results.

1: Blowout straight before you flat iron, especially if you have naturally curly hair

Start by drying your hair with a towel. Next, create a blowout by pulling your hair taut with a brush and blow drying with a hair dryer. Once your hair is completely dry continue with a flat iron. If you are starting with wet hair you may be tempted to skip this step and go straight to the flat iron but patience is key here because, if your hair is wet, you run a considerable risk of ruining your hair. (More on how to straighten hair without damage)

2: Use a flat iron

There’s no doubt that the blowout will get you straight hair, however this method alone is best for a straight hair style with volume. A hair flat iron will give you straighter results than a hair dryer. Regardless, a blow dryer can be an effective tool to super-straight hair by using it before you flat iron your hair.

3: Better hair tools means better results

The benefits in choosing the right heated appliances for your hair boil down to reduced chances of damaging your precious hair locks, eliminating frizz and a smoother look.

Choose a ceramic flat iron over a metal plate hair iron. Positively charged hair, caused by static electricity or heated hair appliances, is dry and brittle. Negative ions produced by hair tools with ionic technology, neutralizes the charge. All ceramic flat irons produce these negative ions that help follicles close up and smoothes the hair shaft creating a sleek and lustrous look. Some hair irons may feature tourmaline, a material that will boost the output of negative ions.

Also, opt for an ionic hair dryer, as ionic technology is not limited to just flat irons. With ionic blow dryers as well as ceramic tourmaline flat irons, straightening time is shortened and as a result the risk of damage to your hair is reduced.

Tool Recommendation: The T3 featherweight hair dryer and FHI Runway flat iron 1 are award winners of Allure’s Best of Beauty 2009.

Use a flat wide brush – A round brush is best for adding volume to you hair. For a straighter look or a smooth style, go for a paddle brush, which is flat and wide.

4: Condition and protect

Conditioning your hair before styling is a must especially if you use heated tools pretty often. More importantly, before you use any hair iron or dryer, be sure to use a hair product that is designed to protect your hair during styling. A straightening balm with thermal protection can be ideal for straight hairstyles to protect from heated hair tools.

Product Recommendation: The Straight Sexy Hair Power Straight straightening balm, not only does it straighten and condition your hair but it also eliminates frizz and protects against heat styling.

5: Point down but don’t touch

Straight smooth hair means no room for fly-aways. Point your hair dryer downward to avoid frizz. Do not be tempted to brush upward or outward; brush and dry straight down. At the same time, keep in mind that you don’t want to touch your hair with the dryer to avoid any hair damage. You can also eliminate frizz by using a nozzle on your hair dryer.

6: Smaller Sections

Straighten your hair with smaller sections at a time for a flawless and more uniform look.

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