Get Taylor Swift’s straight look

Taylor Swift with Straight Hair

Taylor Swift has the most picture-perfect goldy-lock curls but recently she went straight! Her new stylish makeover is all the buzz. Excitement was already stirred up with a T Magazine photo shoot that portrayed a glamorous Taylor Swift with straight hair, blue eye shadow and red lip color. Now, the country star has been seen with stylish straight hair and bangs. Surprisingly, she took the straight look off camera.

Get Taylor Swift’s straight look with these straight-forward tips:

  1. Condition your hair with moisturizing shampoos and conditioners that protect your hair from heat.
  2. Blow dry your hair straight, pointing your hair dryer downwards.
  3. For the blowout, choose a wide flat brush to taut your hair while drying it with the hair dryer.
  4. Run your hair through a flat iron after straightening with a dryer. Flat iron your hair in small sections and don’t stop at any point to avoid burning your hair.

For a more detailed how-to read: 7 Tips to Super Straight Hair

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