The Wonders of Hair

CC by of Scotland

Today is the release of the much-awaited Disney remake of Alice in Wonderland by the very creative Tim Burton. Extravagant costumes, over-the-top hair and dramatic makeup of the fantasy characters added more magic to the new Wonderland. Paul Gooch, one of the most renowned creative hairdressers working in film, was responsible for all that was hairstyles. There were many styling products, wigs and weaving used.

Gooch created the Red Queen’s (Helena Bonham Carter) heart-shaped hairline and high forehead with a bald cap and plastic mesh. For the White Queen (Anne Hathaway), he used a bald cap to cover her dark locks and then used a white wig on top to achieve a more pure look. A special wig was made for the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp); the orange color was used to symbolize the mercury used in hat-making, which can be poisonous, turned his hair red and affected his mental state. Finally, Alice (Mia Wasikowska) wore her natural hair. There were countless hair coloring and curling iron sessions to reach the final product. Extensions were weaved into her hair in the dragon-fighting scene at the end of the film to create a heroic look.

Enjoy your visit to the fantasyland of imagination and creativity!

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