Tame your Curly Mane

CC by mobu27
For a lot of us with curly hair, it is a journey to figure out how to decently maintain it. I dare to go out on a limb and say that maintaining it is the smallest accomplishment you hope to make in regards to your curly hair. You want beautiful, extraordinary curls to decorate and frame your face. Beautiful, sexy locks that enhance any look that you rock. First, you need to accept that in order to find the beauty underneath all that frizz, curly hair needs extra tender love and care.  Use shampoos and conditioners made especially for curls as well as styling it with hair products made for curls. Follow these steps to bring the beauty out of your natural curls:
  1. Wash your hair with a special shampoo and conditioner just for curly hair, such as the Curly Sexy Hair Shampoo and Curly Sexy Hair Conditioner.
  2. Wrap your hair up in a towel for a few minutes and then comb out any knots with your fingers.
  3. Now you will apply a humidity-resistant, curl-enhancing mousse such as the Curly Sexy Hair Curl Power Enhancer, section by section. Pick your hair half up and thoroughly apply the Curly Sexy Hair Curl Power Enhancer to the loose section while combing your fingers through it. When separating each section, work your way up until you get to the top and then style or part however you prefer.
  4. Gently flip your hair over from one side to the next while scrunching the tips with your hands so that your curls can get a bit of volume.
  5. Let it dry naturally or use a diffuser.
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