TIGI’s Eco-Friendly Hair Products

CC by jin.thai

In recent years, it’s been impossible not to notice the increase in talk about environmental concerns. The news constantly keeps us up-to-date with the resources we need more of, global climate change, global warming and the small Eco friendly changes that each individual can do to made a grand difference. What if your beauty regimen benefited the environment? Better yet – what if the hair products you used actually worked like quality hair products AND were Eco friendly?

TIGI, a popular high-quality hair care brand, has a hair products line that caters to the tree-huggers who want to do good things for the planet and look good doing it. TIGI’s Love, Peace & the Planet is made of eco friendly renewable, organic and biodegradable ingredients and is free of parabens, laurel and laureth sulfates. Parabens are chemicals, which consist of fungicidal and bactericidal resources and are used in many personal care products for preserving purposes. Some say that Parabens may increase the risk of breast cancer. Laurel and laureth sulfates are ingredients that are included in many toothpastes and shampoos to produce foaming. Some claim that Laurel and laureth sulfates are also cancer-causing agents. None of the Love, Peace & the Planet organic products are tested on animals and they do not have any artificial fragrances or colors. The bottles and product tubs are made of 50% recycled eco friendly materials and are 100% recyclable.

Best of all, the Love, Peace & the Planet organic products really work. You can give yourself the best quality hair care while making a small change that makes a big difference. The organic products include:

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