Taylor Lautner on the Cover of GQ

It used to be Harry Potter, but now, it’s the books and movies of the Twilight saga that have everyone drooling and asking for more. In the pool of Twilight saga fans waiting to see the June 30th release of Eclipse, I’m sure you can find a few who are there just to get a glimpse of Taylor Lautner, one of the two hot leading men in the film. Lautner, who plays Jacob Black (the often-shirtless werewolf), is featured on the cover of the July 2010 issue of GQ. As you can see from the magazine cover photo above, Taylor makes a fine looking human being. Oribe styled the star’s hair for this shoot and he shares the steps invovled in accomplishing the relaxed, flexible and beautifully messy hairstyle.

  • Start with wet hair.
  • To change the style, come just the front of the hair as you please.
  • Finito!
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