Most Requested Male Celebrity Hairstyles

Yes, men imitate celebrities’ looks, too. Hair stylists receive an ever-changing list of requests for different male celebrity hair trends. “I want his cut, his color and his style.” Following are today’s most requested male celebrity hairstyles.

Most Requested: The Natural, tousled look

CC by Daniel Semper

Today, the most requested male celebrity hairstyle belongs to the mesmerizingly gorgeous Bradley Cooper. I’m not that surprised. Men aren’t blind. They can see that Bradley Cooper is perfection.

Cut: Basic layers.
Style: Use a texturizing gel like American Crew Light Hold Styling Gel to get naturally, imperfect locks that drift nicely off the face. Finish the style with American Crew Molding Clay to define hair without stiffness. Longer sideburns lend themselves to a more modern look.
Color: Natural, sun-kissed highlights. Apply lightener from mid-hair strands to ends, strategically applying color on the top and sides of the head. Don’t lighten too much. Keep it natural looking and just add some dimension to hair that is normally just one color all around.

Second Most Requested: Trendy Teens and Young Adults
Young adults and teenage boys are going for the shaggy hairstyle that you’ll see on Chase Crawford or Justin Beiber. Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner bring their own personalized version of the messy hair do.

CC by dodge challenger1

Justin Beiber and Chase Crawford:
Cut: Keep the fringe just below the brow. Leave the hair in the back at about one-inch and the hair at the crown at about three inches.
Style: Texturize the ends with slide cutting for a more lightweight style.

Robert Pattinson:
Leave the hair at the top of the head at about 3 inches long and style with American Crew Molding Clay for a messy finish.

Taylor Lautner:
Leave more length in the middle of the head for this subtle faux hawk. Use a strong, lasting pomade or wax to such as American Crew Fiber to maintain body.

Third Most Requested: Sporty Style:

CC by pink_fish13

Soccer player David Beckham is known for much more than just his athletic ability. Women everywhere love to look at him. He is always changing his look but keeps his blonde hair styled with a sporty, natural fix.

Color: Natural, fine, honey-toned highlights found mainly around the front and top of the head.
Style: Use American Crew Matte Styling Cream for a matte finish. American Crew Defining Paste will add shine and a separated finish.

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