Trendy Summer Hairstyles in 2010

This year, the secret to a great summer hairstyle is casual, but polished. As far as texture goes, both straight and wavy hairstyles meet summer standards. Waves are always very summery. Make this year’s trendy hairstyle waves smooth for a more times-relevant look. Flat iron your hair first to smooth it out but leave some volume at the roots. CHI flat irons are top quality hairstyling tools that can be found at affordable prices.

CC by jingdianmeinv

Classic hair buns are being worn whether you’re dressing up or dressing down. Wear the modern hairstyle at a medium height right behind your head or super high. Add an extra trendy touch by incorporating a black headband into the mix.

CC by allyaubry

Asymmetrical updos, such as the messy side braid, are extremely popular this summer. These kinds of modern hairstyles combine casual with elegant, so well.

As a parting thought, don’t make your updo too perfect; leave out a few loose strands. Also, vintage-looking accessories are a great finishing touch to soften your look.

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