Preventing Frizz in Fine Hair

CC by Jennifer Chernoff

If you have fine hair, you may have noticed that using certain anti-frizz products leaves your hair limp and greasy-looking. To avoid that AND the frizz, it would be beneficial for you to looking into frizz-fighting hair products that are lightweight and cater to people with fine hair. Such anti-frizz hair products contain contain smaller amounts of ingredients that protect, seal and condition the cuticle such as Argan oil, silicones or polyfluoroester. An example of one of the products that get rid of frizz without weighing down fine hair is Moroccanoil Light Oil Treatment. Just add a small dab of the product so that you avoid overdoing it.

If you blow-dry your hair or use a hot iron on your fine hair, make sure you protect it from heat damage, which is known to trigger frizz. Use a heat protecting spray such as Bio Ionic Thermal-Active Bodifying Blow-Dry Spray before blow-drying or using a hot iron.

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