Nutra Sonic Brush System Vs. Clarisonic Pro Skin Cleansing System

Ever since Nutra Sonic introduced their Brush System, there have been many questions about if and how it differs from the Clarisonic Pro Skin Cleansing System. For starters, there is about a $50 price difference ( sells Clarisonic Pro Skin Cleansing System for $167.00 and the Nutra Sonic at $109.99). They do serve a very similar function and share the same overall concept. They look very similar in style and both bring multiple brush heads. Still, they are not the same product with a different name and price. Here are the three biggest differences you can expect to find when you compare the Nutra Sonic vs. Clarisonic.

Nutra Sonic oscillates about 400 times per second
Clarisonic oscillates about 300 times per second

Brush Head
Nutra Sonic brush bristles feel a little more rough and prickly
Clarisonic brush bristles are softer and feel better on the skin

Skin Types
Nutra Sonic is better for non-sensitive skin or the body
Clarisonic is better for more sensitive or aging skin

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