Spring 2011: CHI Nail Lacquer Colors

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We have new CHI Ceramic Nail Lacquer colors for Spring! Spring typically means light, pastel colors. This seasons light colors come in bright, yet creamy and smooth hues. As with its other products, CHI goes above and beyond with the technology offered in their nail polishes. The CHI Ceramic Nail Lacquers add strength and resistance to your nails as well as a shiny finish. Nano Silver, found in the nail polishes, protects your nails. The bright pastel colors of this Spring season are happy and fresh with a splash of romantic. They’re innocent, pretty and classic.

Risque Lingerie

PaDink-a Dink Pink

Sugar Snap

Attire not Required

P-CHI’s & Cream

White Russian

Milk Shake

What do you think of the Spring colors?

CHI Organics for a Beautiful Blonde

Whether you’re a natural or unnatural platinum blonde, honey blonde or dark blonde, keep your color looking radiant and as fresh as it was intended to be. Celebrity hairstylist Brian Perry insists that any shade of blonde can work on any individual, as long as the color is done in moderation and is customized for that particular person.

It’s very important to make sure you maintain and protect your beautiful blonde by using the right products. CHI Organics Olive Nutrient Shampoo and CHI Organics Olive Nutrient Therapy Treatment Paste are perfect examples of the ideal products to maintain the perfect blonde hue. Keep your confident, bold, platinum blonde popping; your classic, honey blonde glowing; and your sophisticated darker blonde glamorous.

Comments or questions on CHI Organics or on maintaining blonde color? Post a comment!

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Wake Up Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed

Wake up Bright Eyed

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When I wake up in the mornings I either look normal, pretty bad or terrible. I normally stay in the “pretty bad” range. Why? Because I was blessed with under-eye bags that use any excuse to dominate my should-be fresh and rested face. Some rare mornings, I can wake up looking great…but again, that’s rare. So, of course, I did some research to find out how I can look normal from the moment I first open my eyes.

1. For starters, Dr. Perricone, a leading skin expert, recommends eliminating or reducing carbs from your dinner the night before to reduce eye puffiness.

2. Add a teeny bit of sunless, self-tanner to a night cream like the DDF Anti Aging Restoring Night Serum to wake up with a healthier glow. A slight tan can do wonders in concealing puffiness or bags.

3. Wash your face a couple of hours before bedtime to avoid being “too tired” to wash your face before bed. This will help avoid clogging pores with toxins, makeup and dirt throughout the night.

4. Wash your face with cool water and Clarisonic Refreshing Gel Cleanser, which contains anti-inflammatory properties, to relieve puffiness or swelling.

5. Use an eye mask like Peter Thomas Roth Sulfur Cooling Masque to help reduce puffiness.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Still not sure what to buy your loved one for Valentine’s Day? There is still time to find something that is both desirable and affordable. TheBeautyPlace.com has several different beauty products that were hand-picked to be Valentine’s Day gift suggestions. And of course, as usual, TheBeautyPlace.com delivers great gift suggestions that won’t be so hard on your wallet. Browse through our Valentine’s Day gift suggestions and have it delivered as soon as you need it – even if that’s the very next day.

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