Spring 2011: CHI Nail Lacquer Colors

CC by olgite

We have new CHI Ceramic Nail Lacquer colors for Spring! Spring typically means light, pastel colors. This seasons light colors come in bright, yet creamy and smooth hues. As with its other products, CHI goes above and beyond with the technology offered in their nail polishes. The CHI Ceramic Nail Lacquers add strength and resistance to your nails as well as a shiny finish. Nano Silver, found in the nail polishes, protects your nails. The bright pastel colors of this Spring season are happy and fresh with a splash of romantic. They’re innocent, pretty and classic.

Risque Lingerie

PaDink-a Dink Pink

Sugar Snap

Attire not Required

P-CHI’s & Cream

White Russian

Milk Shake

What do you think of the Spring colors?

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