How to do a Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are quite stylish these days. When I see them, I think they look pretty simple to do…if I could only see the technique done at least once. Well, I finally saw it! And of course, I’m going to share the “how-to” with you!

First, prep your hair:

  • Apply a smoothing balm like BioSilk Smoothing Balm to clean hair and blow dry.
  • For best results, follow with It’s a 10 Miracle Styling Serum and flat iron your hair.
  • Start Braiding:

  • Divide into 2 sections like a regular braid
  • You should also keep your hair in two separate sections throughout.
  • Grab a small amount from the outside edge of one side (lets say the left side) and cross it over to the other (right) side.
  • Next grab a small amount from the outside edge of the other side (right) and cross it over to the (left) side.
  • Continue alternating sides and doing the same thing until you reach the ends.
  • When grabbing pieces of hair from the outside edge, make sure the pieces are small. Otherwise, using big chunks of hair will just look like a regular braid.
  • Once you’ve reached the ends of your hair, secure the braid with a hair tie.
  • Then, lightly tug at the two sides of the set braid to slightly loosen.
  • Please share your thoughts and comments!

    OPI is Here!

    CC by Etsy Ketsy

    For all of you OPI nail polish lovers:

    Good News! has now added OPI nail polish to their inventory! OPI nail polish is one of, if not the most popular nail polish brands out there. Known for their extensive variety of colors and their super strong durability, its clear why OPI is preferred. Not only do they have a number of shades and hues popping with personality, but they also have OPI Shatter, a top layer of nail polish that comes in different colors and leaves behind a cracked look. The OPI nail polishes also feature that ProWide Lacquer Brush that improves even, streak-free application. Best of all…you can buy them at uber-low prices.

    What is your favorite OPI nail polish color?

    Best Eye Creams

    Those of us who were blessed with dark circles or puffy eyes or who have developed fine lines around our eyes, have probably tried several different eye creams to get rid of those eye concerns. Whether you have experienced it or not, eye creams can and often do deliver results when used correctly and for enough time. Following are some of users’ favorite eye creams:

    1. Dr. Brandt Flaws No More R3P Eye 1.7 oz, $113
    This eye cream fades circles and lines instantly. The light cream is easy o apply and improves the texture of your skin.

    2. Kinerase Extreme Lift Eye 0.5 oz, $67
    Some have said that this eye cream is a great alternative to eye surgery. It tightens your skin and leaves behind a bright and youthful look. Kinerase Extreme Lift Eye goes on great under makeup.

    3. Dermalogica Total Eye Care SPF 15, $32
    This eye cream smoothes the eye area and soothes irritation and redness. It improves the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.

    4. Murad Renewing Eye Cream .5 oz, $51
    This eye cream hydrates, smoothes and gets rid of dark circles. You’ll notice a difference in your tighter and brighter skin.

    Are there any eye creams that you think should be on this list? Please comment and let us know!

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