How to do a Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are quite stylish these days. When I see them, I think they look pretty simple to do…if I could only see the technique done at least once. Well, I finally saw it! And of course, I’m going to share the “how-to” with you!

First, prep your hair:

  • Apply a smoothing balm like BioSilk Smoothing Balm to clean hair and blow dry.
  • For best results, follow with It’s a 10 Miracle Styling Serum and flat iron your hair.
  • Start Braiding:

  • Divide into 2 sections like a regular braid
  • You should also keep your hair in two separate sections throughout.
  • Grab a small amount from the outside edge of one side (lets say the left side) and cross it over to the other (right) side.
  • Next grab a small amount from the outside edge of the other side (right) and cross it over to the (left) side.
  • Continue alternating sides and doing the same thing until you reach the ends.
  • When grabbing pieces of hair from the outside edge, make sure the pieces are small. Otherwise, using big chunks of hair will just look like a regular braid.
  • Once you’ve reached the ends of your hair, secure the braid with a hair tie.
  • Then, lightly tug at the two sides of the set braid to slightly loosen.
  • Please share your thoughts and comments!

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