How Heated Hair Styling Tools Can Help You Save Time

The revolutionary T3 Evolution Hair Dryer

Workday mornings can be stressful but with the right heated hair styling tools, you hair style doesn’t need to suffer. These days there are many hair tools on the market that can help you cut your getting-ready time by as much as 50%.  The T3 Evolution hair dryer is one-such heated hair styling tool.

Did you know that the kind of hair dryer you use could not only affect your hair’s appearance but could also cut your hair drying time? The professional T3 Evolution hair dryer is the hair stylist’s secret weapon. The cult-favorite hair dryer uses T3 Tourmaline SoftAire™ technology to dry hair up to 70% faster than conventional dryers. Drying hair faster makes for healthier hair with a beautiful, frizz-less shine.

T3 products are popular with the world’s leading hairstylists, including Orlando Pita, who often does promotional work for the brand.   This is because the brand’s hair-styling tools are among the most innovative. They are also actually good for your hair, which is unheard of in the world of heated hair-styling products. In the case of T3 products, however, it’s true. This is thanks in part to tourmaline, a semi-precious stone that produces more negative ions than any other substance. It’s also down to infrared heat, which dries hair gently from the inside-out.

T3 hair styling products can often be among the most expensive on the market.  However, at, we offer dramatically reduced prices on our entire inventory of T3 heated hair styling products.  For example, we recently reduced the cost of the Evolution hair dryer by a massive 66 %!

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