Three Steps To A Stylish Ponytail

A ponytail doesn’t have to be boring.  Case in point?  Eva Longoria’s cute ‘do (below) that she wore to November 13th’s Style Awards in LA.  Effortlessly chic but way too pretty for the gym.  Simply put?  We in the Beauty Place’s office love it.  Here, our advice on how to make the look your own.

Eva Longoria at Sunday night's 2011 Hollywood Style Awards.

1. A deep side part.

A side part with a low pony is practical because it blends in wisps and flyaways, and is stylish because it looks soft, sexy and ultra feminine.

2. A side-slung tail.

Skew your low pony slightly to the side and let the tail fall in front of one shoulder. That way, you see more hair from the front for a look that’s almost like wearing your hair down.

3. Loose waves.

If your hair’s straight, rev up the curling iron–we like CHI 2 in 1 Digital Curling & Flat Iron–and add a few waves to your ponytail. A bouncy, wavy pony just looks so much sexier when you’re wearing it low and to the side like this.

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