Hair Care: How To Choose The Right Flat Iron For You

It's important to choose the right flat iron for your hair.

Here at The Beauty Place offices, we are constantly fielding calls from confused customers–which flat iron should they buy?  We confess, the number of heated hair-styling tools on the market can be confusing.  So, here, our advice on choosing the right flat iron for your hair.

Flat irons are like clothes–they are not one-size fits all. The length and thickness of your hair determines the size of flat iron that you should use. The right size flat iron will be easier to maneuver, and therefore straighten your hair more efficiently.  The right flat iron will also reduce the risk of overheating and damaging your hair.

For short, thick or fine hair: Use an iron with narrow plates ranging in size from half-an-inch to one-inch thick, such as the CHI Purple Glisten 1″ Flat Iron. This will allow you to iron smaller sections.

For long, thick or fine hair: Use an iron with wider plates ranging in size from one-and-a-half inches to two-inches wide, such as the CHI Turbo Digital Flat Iron 1-1/2″, so you’re able to cover more surface area in less time. Also, be weary of the weight of your iron. Anything super heavy (more than two pounds) will have your arm hurting in no time. Straightening hair shouldn’t be equivalent to weight training!



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