Spritz! An Affordable, Beautiful Stocking Stuffer

The Travalo Refillable Atomizer

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is the Xmas stocking–or stocking stuffers to be more precise.  It’s fun to collect small but thoughtful treasures to stuff our loved ones’ stockings with and we had great fun going through all our beauty products to gather the best items for your special guy or gal’s stocking this year to put in our holiday gift guide.

One of our favorite stocking stuffers this year is the Travalo Perfume Atomizer.  The refillable spray bottle means that you can take your favorite perfume with you wherever you go–whether traveling far afield or simply to have it at the ready in your purse.  The easy-to-use refillable fragrance spray bottle is really so simple and works with all perfume bottles that have a removable spray head.  And because the Travalo Perfume Atomizer is not glass, you don’t have to worry about your beautiful perfume bottle shattering en route in your luggage when traveling.

Believe it or not, it really is that simple and it just takes three easy steps to fill the Travalo Perfume Atomizer:

1.  Take your favorite perfume bottle, remove the plastic spray top.

2.  Insert the perfume bottles pump stick into the filling station at the bottom of the Travalo
spray bottle.

3.  Press down firmly and repeatedly to fill the spray bottle.

The Travalo refillable perfume atomizer is priced at just $9.99 and comes in a choice of six colors: black, gold, silver, red, light pink, and bright pink.

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