CHI Protect Your Color Kit

CHI Protect Your Colot Kit

Most of us who go to a hairstylist to color our hair or those of us who get color from a box know how much time and money is spent keeping our tresses up to date.  Imagine after a week or two after coloring your hair, it starts to look dull or there is a kind of brassiness to it that wasn’t there the first day you colored it.  It may be you’re stripping your hair of its color every time you shampoo.  That means all the hours spent sitting in the hairstylists chair may be going down your shower drain daily!  We need to stop this madness!  We have found the perfect beauty product to protect your hair from damage and color stripping.  It is the CHI Protect your Color Kit.  It comes with all the products you need to maintain your colored locks, until the next time you color, just by cleansing, conditioning, and treating your hair.  It includes three items that will become part of your regular beauty regimen.  First, is the CHI Ionic Color Protect Shampoo which adds strength and resilience while preserving your hair color.  Follow with the CHI Ionic Color Protect Conditioner, an amazing conditioner that nourishes your hair and seals the cuticle.  Your hair will stay vibrant, rich, and never be brassy again!  Last but not least, is the CHI Ionic Color Protect Masque, a leave-in hair masque that smells great, won’t cause buildup, adds shine, and has UV filters to prevent sun damage.  Your skin is not the only one who needs SPF!  Get the CHI Protect Your Color Kit at a great low price from  Coloring your hair is an investment, let the CHI Protect Your Color Kit maintain it!  Try it.  Come back and let us know how much you love this hair product!

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