Paul Brown Hawaii Ceramic Flat Iron 1”

Paul Brown Hawaii Flat Iron 1''

Paul Brown Hawaii line of hair products ranging from shampoo, conditioner, and styling products have claimed international success for the natural ingredients they contain. As proud Paul Brown Hawaii devotees, we are delighted to say that Paul Brown Hawaii Ceramic Flat Iron 1” has become one of our favorite styling tools. You can curl, straighten, flip or twist your hair with this flat iron. It heats up to 410 degrees F, but we love that the temperature is adjustable because we all have different hair types and textures. The best part is that the ceramic plates deliver conditioning to your hair which means less damage to your in the long run. Try the Paul Brown Diamond Heads Shine Serum before straightening your hair to achieve incredible shine. This will seal the cuticle to protect your hair from thermal damage. If you decide to curl your hair, use the Paul Brown Hawaii Ringlets Curl Enhancing Mist after styling. This mist is also a texturizer and will add bounce and volume to your curls. To finish any look you prefer using the Paul Brown Hawaii Flat Iron, the Paul Brown Hawaii Style Amplifier will add brilliant shine to your hairstyle. It has a delicious vanilla scent and it contains sunscreen to protect your hair color and for added defense. Find Paul Brown Hawaii hair products for low prices at Come back and inspire us with the amazing look you achieve using Paul Brown Hawaii!

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