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OPI Holland Collection

OPI has a new nail polish collection inspired by the famous and picturesque country Holland. Notably famous by its eccentric and open-minded capital, Amsterdam. The stunning shades range from sophisticated neutrals to colorful bright hues complementing the latest trend setting spring fashions. What makes OPI Holland Collection wonderfully special are the unique and quirky names given to each hue. One nail polish reminds us of a very famous artist native to this colorful country and another reminds us of a great tasting cheese. Here we review each hue and its respective name.

Did you know orange is the official color of the Dutch Royal family? A frisky orange called (A Roll in The Hague), named after Holland’s seat of government is our favorite. Also, there is a hot coral-red called (Red Lights Ahead…Where?), and two lady like pinks (Kiss Me on My Tulips) and a glossy (Pedal Faster Suzi!) are sure to become best sellers.

For our cool and purple fans, is a beautiful plum, (Dutch ‘Ya Just Love OPI? and a deeper purple perfectly named (Vampstersdam).

Elegant neutrals were included here too! (Gouda Gouda Two Shoes, Did You ‘ear About Van Gogh? and Wooden Shoe Like to Know?) go great with icy blues like (I Have a Herring Problem
and I Don’t Give a Rotterdam!). Lastly, is a creamy sea green, (Thanks a Windmillion) sure to be a favorite in any nail polish collection.

These stunning shades are sure to become hot beauty picks quick and at our prices we are sure they will sell out. Pick your favorites today and get your nail polish on! Come with us and take your fingertips to a trip to beautiful Holland! Come back to TheBeautyPlace.com and let us know your favorite hue from the OPI Holland Collection.

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