CHI Auto Digital Ceramic Waver

CHI Auto Digital Waver

Upgrade your old curling iron for the CHI Auto Digital Ceramic Waver. This is a truly unique styling tool because you can crimp, wave and curl your hair with its three barrel design. Do not let this curling iron’s appearance intimidate you! It is super easy to use and you will be creating different hairstyles every day, to achieve fresh new looks for work, school, or events!

Apply a defining serum or oil to protect your hair from thermal damage and to avoid frizz. First, separate your hair in a half up part. Next, separate a section of hair from the bottom half, take the CHI Auto Digital Ceramic Waver and start pressing the curling iron from the top of the section of hair to the bottom. Press down for about 2 or 3 seconds or more depending on how high you put the temperature of the curling iron. Immediately your hair is wavy or crimped with lots of volume. Spray on a finishing spray, to hold your hairstyle and to minimize fly-aways and frizz.

If you want to do tight curls, part your hair half up and start at the bottom in sections. There are two barrels on one side of this curling iron. You can use just one barrel or use both. If you use one barrel, you know to wrap your hair around it and slide the curling iron down. When you use both barrels, you can intertwine your hair between the two barrels and make sexy, volume filled curls.

The CHI Auto Digital Ceramic Waver is truly a must have styling tool. Get yours today and show your friends your great hairstyle. They will ask what did you use. Tell them you got the curling iron from us and at a low price! At, we have the best beauty products at discounted prices. Come back and show us your results!

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