Calm Down Frizzy Hair

We perfect our hairstyle, go out and run some errands only to return home and find that our hair looks like a lion’s mane! Why can’t our hair behave? We all experience the dreaded bad hair days let’s make poofy hair a thing of the past!

There are so many reasons for frizzy hair, but sometimes we don’t have time to cover all the bases. One thing we do know is hair loves absorbing all the humidity in the air thus causing frizzy hair. If we color-dye our hair, it needs extra moisture because of the drying effects of chemical processing and will absorb any moisture it can get, once again, causing frizzy hair.

We can certainly take care of the frizzy hair issue if we start from the beginning. Are you using the proper shampoo and conditioner for your hair type? Does it cover all the needs your hair type requires? A gentle shampoo is always best because unless you are a mechanic and handling grease is in your job description; your hair does not get that dirty.

Your hair will react to how it is being treated, and making hairstyling easy when using styling tools saves time and hassle. Using a gentle cleanser and nourishing conditioner with no sulfates and smoothing extracts like Rusk Calm Shampoo and Rusk Calm Conditioner. Calming is the key word here. With guarana extracts and moisturizers, this duo leaves hair soft and silky controlling frizz and flyaways. You might find that the shampoo is a bit more moisturizing than the conditioner. Using the conditioner only on ends is all that is necessary. Its scent is wonderful and true to its name, calm. This duo works with all hair types, natural or chemically processed, dry or damaged. Thick and coarse hair types will find great benefit using the duo because these hair types tend to be dryer. Because of the moisture it provides the hair cuticle is sealed and no added moisture is needed. Goodbye frizzy hair!

Have you used Rusk Calm Shampoo and Rusk Calm Conditioner? Share with us your experience! If you haven’t, give it a try. offers the best beauty products at discounted prices!

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