Combat Thinning Hair with Bosley Hair Care Products

Bosley is a line of professional hair care products for the treatment of thinning hair and the prevention of hair loss. Shampoo, conditioner, leave-in treatments, and styling products make up the line’s offering of thinning hair products. The hair loss prevention line is free of sulfates, cleanses scalp and removes toxins such as DHT – a primary cause of hair loss. The consultants recommend Bosley to clients who suffer from hair loss. The consultants believe thinning hair needs gentle cleansing and strengthening of hair follicles.

The Bosley hair care line for thinning hair is made up of 4 systems. Each system is made specific for all hair types. Bosley has taken into consideration clients who color their hair, and have formulated products that will not cause hair color to fade. In addition, clients are recommended to consider if the grade of their hair loss is normal to fine or visibly-thinning.

BosDefense is a system for normal to fine hair and available for non-color treated hair or color-treated hair. A consultant will recommended this system to a client who is starting to notice that hair is beginning to get thinner. The system is formulated to prevent further hair loss. “When a client starts using the system, they immediately start noticing this is a different shampoo. Their hair is clean and refreshed and the ingredients in the formula prevent further loss of hair. Hair follicles are stronger because they are not being abused by the chemicals in regular shampoos. The ingredients nourish follicles actually encouraging hair growth”, stated Rebecca, lead consultant at

BosRevive is a system for visibly-thinning hair and available for non-color treated hair or color-treated hair. The line is for hair loss sufferers where hair loss is very noticeable. Usually this level of hair loss is characterized by areas of sparseness of hair. The most common areas are at the crown of the head or near the forehead. The system is formulated to effectively prevent further hair loss and to aggressively nourish hair to achieve hair regrowth. “Many clients are clearly impressed with their results. Bosley would not be a best-seller if it did not work”, said Rebecca.

The systems are available in several sizes for convenience. First time users are recommended to obtain the starter packs that last 30 days. The starter packs include a shampoo, conditioner, and a leave-in treatment. The leave-in treatment nourishes hair with hair loss preventing ingredients and protecting hair with the use of sunscreen. Sunscreen was added to both systems because UV damage causes hair to become dry, making it more vulnerable to breakage. The shampoo and conditioner for each system is available in 10.1oz and 33.8oz for the benefit of clients who would like to travel light and for the client who buys in bulk for long term savings.

are also available to thicken hair and add volume to thinning hair. “Hairstyling can be difficult for hair that is thinning. The mousse, specifically, is great for adding volume and making hair look bouncy and full. Bosley has thought of everything. Even the gel and hairspray protects hair against hair loss”, said Rebecca.

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