4th of July 2012 American Themed Nail Polish Manicure

The latest American trend, according to the beauty consultants at TheBeautyPlace.com, is nail art. The beauty consultants get nail art inspiration and ideas from the abundant publishers in the blogosphere and follow the many popular bloggers to find out what are the latest nail trends and ideas clients are looking for. Red, white, and blue OPI nail polish shades are available and the OPI Nail Lacquer Big Apple Red for $6.98, is their best-selling shade. The latest nail trend called Shatter by OPI leaves behind an edgy cracked design. The OPI Blue Shatter $6.99, is the best-selling shatter shade and is recommended for use with the OPI Red shade. To create an All American themed manicure and pedicure, the beauty consultants recommend using the OPI Red Shade as a base coat. Next, the OPI Blue Shatter should be applied to the left corner of the nail, in a right angle shape or the corner of a box shape. Finally, take the OPI White Shatter and draw horizontal lines over the OPI Red Shade. In between shades, nail polish should be allowed to dry. The beauty consultants state their clients love how simple it is to create such a fun and patriotic nail design.

Try the design and come back and post your All-American themed manicure pics here! The best beauty products at discounted prices are available here.

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