Summer Hairstyles to Beat the Heat!

Summer is in full force and the scorching high temperatures demand picked up hairstyles like braids, ponytails, and buns. Try one before going on a date, to the park, or a day at the beach! The hairstyles below are interesting, fun, and may definitely help you keep your cool.

The Fishtail Braid :

1. Use an oil like Agadir Argan Oil. Start by gathering your hair to the side and dividing it into two sections.
2. Hold both sections in one hand, separated by your pointer finger, and use your other hand to grab a small piece from the outside of one section.
3. Pull the strands over to the other half, and then take a piece from the outside of that section and braid the opposite way. Imagine that you’re doing a typical braid, except the moving pieces are tiny.
4. Keep going until you’ve just about reached the end and finish it with a clear elastic. It’s even better if it’s messy, so pull out some strands and stretch out the braid for an intentionally undone look.

The Smooth and Sleek Ponytail :

1. Use a medium hold gel like Paul Brown Hawaii Gelatine Goo $9.39, to slick your hair back and pull it into a tight ponytail at your crown. Use a help of a boar bristle brush to get hair super-smooth.
2. Use a flat iron and a flat iron control comb to smooth and straighten the ends of your pony. Remember to apply an anti-frizz serum before using any styling tool. Finish with a firm-hold hairspray to prevent fly-aways and frizz.

A Top Knot :

1. With dry hair or if still damp, apply a leave-in conditioner like BioSilk 17 Miracle Leave-In Conditioner $10.45, and rake your fingers through hair to give your pulled-back bun a texturized look.
2. Next, get a few bobby pins and start securing the ends of your hair to the base of your ponytail.
3. You can put on a headband, ribbon or scalp to decorate your top knot.

The fishtail braid takes a little practice, but if you keep on perfecting it you will end up mastering it. Are you ready to try one or all of these hairstyles? Go for it and let us know where you rocked the look. Looking polished and cute is easy this summer. Do not forget your sunscreen! The best beauty products at discounted prices are at!

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