7 Tips to a Perfect DIY Manicure

7 DIY manicure tips

In the movie Legally Blonde, Reese Witherspoon got a manicure every time she felt happy or sad.  Why not accessorize your nails to brighten up your day whatever your mood?  Here we feature 7 tips to get the perfect manicure at home!

Tip 1: File your nails, rounding them at the corners.  Keeping your nails short is more modern, and any color you apply will look fantastic.

Tip 2: A base coat that nourishes with vitamins will protect your nails from stains and breakage.  Your nails will absorb what you put on.

Tip 3: Choose a hue that flatters your skin tone.  You will appreciate the nail polish application more!  Do you have a shade already picked out?  For fall 2012, greys and corals are the trend.

Tip 4: Prevent chipping, by applying OPI Nail Lacquer Top Coat. Apply every 3 – 4 days, to make your manicure last.

Tip 5: Apply cuticle oil that is gentle and protect your cuticles with vitamins and antioxidants. Your cuticles can look ragged if not taken care of. Our favorite: OPI Avoplex Nail and Cuticle Replenishing Oil.

Tip 6: When removing dark shades, going at it with a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover can be aggressive to your nails.   Press the soaked cotton ball for 3 – 4 seconds, and pull straight up and away.

Tip 7: Do not use your nails as tools.  Use your finger pads when pushing buttons or opening a can.

We hope you follow some of these tips, and if you don’t start. Your nails will look healthy and strong. Go to Nails under our Skin Care & Spa section at TheBeautyPlace.com.

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