Bosley Hair Loss Products and Styling Products Effective Hair Re-Growth

Bosley Hair Loss Products and Styling Products

Bosley Hair Loss Products for fine and thinning hair have clinically proven to stop hair loss and promote hair re-growth. The beauty specialists at mentioned clients prove Bosley Professional Strength’s entire line of hair care products ranging from shampoo, conditioners, vitamins, supplements, styling products, hair re-growth treatments, and the latest Bosley products introduced; Bosley Hair Thickening Fibers, hair loss concealers accommodating 6 different hair color shades and the Bosley Hair Moisture and Strenghtening Masques are effective individually and are synergistic to create optimum scalp health and effective hair re-growth. Each product line is detailed.

BosDefense is a special line formulated to work with fine to thinning hair. This line is recommended for clients who are just noticing the signs of thinning hair. The shampoo contains DHT inhibitors, a chemical known to promote hair loss, and is free of sulfates. Sulfates are known to strip scalp of natural producing oils, weaken hair follicles and cause scalp to lose moisture. The conditioner nourishes scalp with vitamins and moisturizer, and volumizes strands creating a thicker appearance. The leave-in thickening hair treatment is considered a scalp treatment, meant to provide all-day treatment of thinning hair long after cleansing and conditioning.

BosRevive is a special line formulated to work with visibly thinning hair. This line is recommended for clients who can visibly see scalp through hair and have noticed significant signs of hair loss. The shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in thickening treatment contain similar ingredients to that of the BosDefense line, yet contains ingredients that pay special attention to creating the optimal environment for hair re-growth.

Bosley Styling Products contain ingredients for volumizing and thickening hair strands while considering the styling needs of clients. The styling products include a styling gel, a styling mousse, and a styling hairspray. They are alcohol-free and contain a special ingredient called ColorKeeper, an ingredient meant to preserve hair color. They do not interfere with other Bosley Hair Treatments, instead they are a beneficial addition for preserving a healthy scalp and the regrow of healthy hair.

Bosley Treatments and Vitamins
are formulated specifically for men and women. They include Bosley Hair Re-Growth Treatment 5%, containing 5% Minoxidil concentration; Bosley Hair Vitality Supplements unique for each gender, and promote healthy hair regrowth and healthier appearance of skin and nails; Bosley Follicle Nourisher, a scalp primer that prepares the scalp for maximum absorption of hair re-growth ingredients; Bosley Follicle Energizer, a scalp treatment that strengthens hair follicles, and the newest hair products to join the Bosley Hair Loss Professional Strength brand; Bosley Healty Hair Scalp Protect with SPF, and Bosley Healthy Hair Strengthening and Moisturizing Hair Masques for dry, damaged, and weak hair.

Bosley Hair Thickening Fibers
are Keratin fibers that adhere to natural hair concealing sparse areas of hair. It is suited for clients who want immediate concealment of thinning hair. They are available in 6 unique shades and shades can be blended to create custom hair color shades. It is safe for use by patients who have undergone hair transplantation surgery.

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