Hair Care and Curling Iron Tips for a Glam Hairstyle

Hair Care and Curling Iron Tips for a Glam Hairstyle

Curling irons are a stylist’s tools of the trade. They can last for years, and help us alter an entire look in minutes! The holidays allow us to share with our friends and family good food, fun times, and great memories. With a simple curling iron, create a super-glam hairstyle that will take you from party to party. Let’s face it. With all the fun you are set to have your hair should match the excitement of the season and of course your cheer! Here we feature the steps for a hairstyle with body, waves, and a little va-va-voom!

Styling Tip 1: Choose a curling iron for its barrel size. Madonna loves Veronica Lake curls, and her curls look as if she used a ¾ inch or 19mm barrel. Our favorite is this zebra print curling iron. A ¾ inch or even a little smaller than that like 5/8 inch or 16mm barrel creates a loose, full curl. If you have short hair, and want a tight, bouncy curl a 3/8 inch or 13mm barrel. These tight curls can be combed through to create a retro hairstyle. For body and volume a 1 inch or 1 ¼ inch, this size barrel creates deep waves.

Styling Tip 2: Find out the heat settings of your curling wand. A heated styling tool can reach temperatures of up to 410 degrees. Unfortunately, many of us have hair that is difficult to curl or curls don’t last very long once you create curls. This is the reason for a professional curling iron that reaches such high temperatures.

Styling Tip 3:
Use a hair serum before styling. The aforementioned tip informed you a curling wand can get as hot as 410 degrees. Don’t think you need a hair serum? Do you heat up a pan without a little olive oil?

Styling Tip 4: Let’s get ready to curl! What kind of curls are you interested in? Step 1. Part your hair as desired. Step 2. Apply a hair serum like Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment, placing special attention to the ends of hair. Your ends tend to be the driest. Step 3. Turn on your curling wand and wait a few seconds. Step 4. Curl your hair in 2 inch sections starting from the front. Use a clip to keep hair you have curled in placed. Step 5. Hold the iron vertically, curl sectioned hair, and clip completed hair. Step 6. Wait about 10 minutes for your curls to cool. Comb them lightly with your fingers. Apply a finishing spray to hold.

Styling Tip 5: Consider a curling iron with a tourmaline or ceramic coated barrel. The ceramic or tourmaline technology preserves hair color and prevents frizz.

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