7 Makeup Tips That Make You Look Younger

Makeup Products that Make You Look Younger

All of us wish we had Angelina Jolie’s makeup artist to get the no makeup makeup look that makes this gorgeous lady look young and sexy! The holidays are coming up, and there is no time like the present to get ready for fantastic dinners and parties with friends and family. Here are a few makeup tips that will make you look 10 years younger!

Tip 1: Wear moisturizer before applying makeup. A lotion or cream that hydrates your face makes your skin look fresh. Your skin absorbs moisture and it will look plump instantly!

Tip 2: Apply double duty foundation. By double duty we mean a foundation that not only conceals, but helps your skin look better. A great example is TIGI Cosmetics Satin Liquid Foundation. This foundation offers medium to full coverage, but contains moisturizers and antioxidants! If you do not know yet, antioxidants are anti-agers! How about smoothing a little wrinkle while wearing makeup?

Tip 3: Stock your makeup with moisture. Skip the heavy powder. Anything that says gel, cream, lotion is a go. Unless your skin gets as oily as a frying pan, avoid any makeup that is dry. And even if you have oily skin, choose makeup that clearly states oil-free. This way your skin is moisturized, but not slick.

Tip 4: Apply bronzer. Bronzer can make you look younger and skinnier. Grab a blush brush and swipe bronzer across forehead, cheeks, and chin. You can use bronzer whenever you want to look tan, too. A sun tan lasts only a couple a days, but its damage can be seen a couple years down the road in the way of wrinkles, saggy skin, dark spots, and dry skin.

Tip 5: Curl your lashes. As we age, our eyelashes can get sparse or gravity does a job on them. Featuring your eyes is a great way to look younger because they’ll look brighter! Own an eyelash curler?. We just got one of the best beauty tool brands out there, Tweezerman. Position the Tweezerman Classic Lash Curler at the base of your lash line. Firmly but gently squeeze and release the curler.

Tip 6: Drink water. Of course, eating veggies and fruit is a great way to look younger, but water helps your body work better! Toxins, waste and anything that is not good for you get flushed out. And your skin will show it. Think Gwyneth Paltrow.

Tip 7: Wear a bright pop of color. Be it lipstick, an eye shadow or even a manicure a bright color gives off the look of being younger, interesting and fun!

Try any or all of these. Let us know how you do!

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