Beauty Tools for A More Gorgeous you…and Him too!

Tweezerman Beauty Tools at

Tweezerman Beauty Tools at

Beauty professionals, estheticians, and top makeup artists all use beauty tools to create perfectly angled eyebrows, neat cuticles, and the curliest lashes.  Why is it that, a lash curler is looked upon as like a torture device?  We use mascara to make our eyelashes appear longer, thicker with more volume, yet our lashes don’t look like the ones we see on Pinterest or in our favorite fashion magazine. Are you walking around in sandals with cracked heels? Beauty tools are small little investments that take care of you and show you care about yourself. Get these beauty tools and make yourself a personal grooming kit.

Beauty Tool 1:  Tweezerman Eyelash Curler.  Maximize the potential of your eyelashes.  If your excuse is that they are sparse, I have a good one for you – this will make your eyes look bright and give your eyelashes the appearance of being healthy and longer.  Plus, your eyes will look more alluring. Defining your eyes this way will make your face appear younger and softer and it makes a huge difference in your appearance.

How To Use An Eyelash Curler:

Step 1:  Start with clean, mascara-free eyelashes.  Step 2:  Open the eyelash curler as wide as it can open.  Step 3:  Position the eyelash curler at the base of your lash-line and close the eyelash curler when eyelashes are in place.  Step 4:  Open eyelash curler as wide as it can, and only then pull away from your eyelashes.

Beauty Tool 2: Tweezerman Slant Tweezer. The slant tweezer is an award winning beauty tool because of its slant design. Its stainless-steel tip grabs hair firmly and eases the pain when pulling hair. Use the tweezers in between visits to your beauty professional to pluck any stray hairs. Get the travel-size version of the slant for less than $10 and keep a pair of tweezers in your purse or travel-bag.

Beauty Tool 3: Tweezerman Mini Manicure Kit . Have a meeting with the boss in 5 minutes and your nails look a bit raggedy? Take out this little manicure kit, push back those cuticles and file your nails. Fast! This little manicure kit is packaged in a protective clear case to keep tools clean and in one place. The kit contains a fingernail clipper with ultra-sharp precision blades, a mini cuticle pusher, a nail cleaner, and a mini nail file. It comes in at under $16 so you can have one in a few of your purses, and better yet, its perfect for gifting to friends or a co-worker! They will think of you every time they take the kit out to do a little mani work waiting in line or at the bus stop.

Beauty Tool 4: Tweezerman Pedro Callus Stone . A super-sturdy callus stone is a must-have for soft and smooth feet all year long. What we love about this stone is that it features two sides. One side is coarse for reducing calluses and the fine side is for smoothing rough skin. The sleek handle is super comfortable, and perfect for hanging in your shower. Smooth a little every day when in the shower, and your feet will always be soft.

Beauty Tool 5: Tweezerman Facial Hair Scissors. I don’t mean for you! Facial hair scissors come in handy for grooming moustaches, beards, and any type of facial hair.

Beauty Tool 6: Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors & Brush. Learn to shape and groom your eyebrows. Once you get the hang of it you will ask yourself what took you so long?

How to Shape and Groom Your Own Eyebrows:

Step 1: Using the Brow Shaping Scissors & Brush, brush eyebrows up and into place. Use the scissors to cut hairs that are long, but go slowly keeping eyebrows equal to each other. Too much cutting and areas may start to look sparse.
Step 2: Warm up pores by using steam or a warm towel. This will lessen the pain of tweezing. Tweeze in the direction of hair growth, never opposite. Grab each individual hair at the root, the Slant design of the tweezers will help ease the pull.
Step 3: Lightly blend in eyebrows with a brow sculptoror pencil.
Step 4: Step back from mirror and check your brows periodically. Tweeze both eyebrows at the same time. Taking a little from one eyebrow and tweeze from the other eyebrow to keep symmetry.

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