Day #1 of 12 Days of Exclusive Beauty Deals at!

Braid with Curly Hairstyle using a 1.25'' Bio Ionic Style Winder

Braid with Curly Hairstyle using a 1.25” Bio Ionic Style Winder

As part of our Christmas celebration we will be featuring awesome gift ideas for the next 12 days starting today! We have meticulously curated the best salon-quality beauty products worthy of presenting as gifts. So while you find the best beauty deals you want, they get the gifts they want!

Our 1st Day of Beauty Deal starts with the Bio Ionic Style Winder in ¾’’, 1’’ and 1 ¼’’ inch barrel sizes. It drops from $140.00 to $74.88 while supplies last and with free shipping it is the best price you’ll find by $65!

Digital Temperature Control of up to 440F/226C

Rotating barrel design curls hair easy

With Nano Ionic Technology to prevent frizz

Far Infrared Technology for long lasting curls

With an Automatic Shut Off

Includes a FREE DVD for curly hair tutorials and an Iron Holder ($30 Value)

Party Curly Hairstyle with Braid as Hairband:

Step 1: Grab a 1” section of hair starting from the top of hairline. Braid hair from one side to the other side creating a head band. This braid headband will keep your hair away from your face.
Step 2: Next, starting from the the top grab 1” sections of hair and use the Style Winder to curl section. You will notice the barrel turns so you don’t need to twist hair around barrel with hand. Use the finger grip located on the bottom to twist barrel and wrap hair section around barrel. Clip hair and hold for 5 seconds.
Step 3: Release finger grip and style winder will unwind.
Step 4: Repeat with various sections of hair.

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