Holiday Travel Beauty Tips

Holiday Travel Beauty Tips

Holiday Travel Beauty Tips

Taking a road trip or a cross-country flight to see your friends and family for the holidays? With all the excitement and buzz the holiday brings you may place your beauty regimen on the back burner. Don’t do it! Here we feature holiday travel beauty tips for cruising through TSA inspections, looking gorgeous with jet lag, and surviving sitting in a car for hours!

Holiday Travel Beauty Tip 1:
Glow in the middle of winter! Apply a bronzer and get a sunkissed look. If you forgo makeup when traveling the least bit of makeup you should apply is a bronzer and an under eye concealer! Because you never know, you might end up sitting next to Mr. Right! Our favorite bronzer is the TIGI Cosmetics Dual Bronzer. It lets you highlight and contour like a pro.

Holiday Travel Beauty Tip 2:
Moisturize. Your face and hands will dehydrate. Apply your favorite moisture cream and if it has SPF, it’s a clear winner.

Holiday Travel Beauty Tip 3:
Drink water. Since we are talking about moisture, drink plenty of water. You are busy and maybe stressed, but if you want your body to respond you have to maintain it in good working condition.

Holiday Travel Beauty Tip 4: Try to catch some sleep. Carry a pillow so that you can rest in between layovers. You would be amazed how a 15 minute nap can energize you for a couple more hours of travel.

Holiday Travel Beauty Tip 5:
Style your hair like a stylist. You arrived to your destination and are getting acquainted with your surroundings. Next, you find out a blow dryer is not available! You can’t wear a ponytail with your gorgeous holiday dress, right? We don’t think so either. A stylist has her tools of the trade always handy, and now you will, too. We found a super cute hairstyling kit, the Amika Go Go Travel Kit. The kit brings a mini blow dryer with a powerful motor and a mini flat iron to straighten hair or curl it. We absolutely love we can carry it through airport inspections. The sturdy bag is as big as a small to medium purse. At under $80, you get quality styling tools that won’t break your holiday budget! You can also put it on your Christmas list for a gift that will impress for years to come.

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