Which Tan Towel is right for you?

Spring has just started, but the weather doesn’t seem to be ready to change! It makes it a little difficult to be fresh & sun kissed, when we’re still bundled up in our Winter clothes! We have a solution for you… ย Tan Towel! You’re probably thinking “I will end up looking like an orange” or even better, “an orange Zebra”. Well, you’re wrong! You can achieve a gorgeous tan safely at home with these very practical tanning towelettes. Application is simple, the solution is odorless, and it does not streak! A fabulous perk these tanning towelettes provide is that you can prevent tanning lines! No one likes a strapless dress with an invisible bikini top sticking out.ย Tan Towels are the next best thing next to the bandeaux top!

Now to the real question… Which one do I use? Well our amazing team has created this simple flow chart for you to follow and figure out which is the best for skin color & skin type. Happy bronzing!


This product looks very natural and it fades really nicely. I heard that if you do a second application then you will get a darker tan but I personally haven’t tried it.

Tan towel works with the proteins and amino acids that are in your body so that means that its not as harmful to you as the tanning beds or spray tans. The chemicals in these towelettes are formulated to be on the organic side. What does that even mean? Well your tan will be customized to your body so there is less of a chance of you coming out orange.

When describing this product I would say it’s like a baby wipe. There is no mess & you don’t miss any spots like you would with sprays and lotions and there’s way less streaking.

Lets go step by step:

1. Start with the exfoliator, this towel has two sides. A rough side and a smooth side. The rough side is exfoliate areas where you have the most dry skin. (i.e., elbows, knees, ankles.) The smooth side is used to buff out where you have just exfoliated. When you are done exfoliating you do not need to rinse off, this will serve as a base to make sure your tan goes on smoother.

2. Now follow the flow chart above to figure out if you should get the classic or the plus and bring out a towelette. (We like to put on disposable gloves just so we don’t have to wash our hands as much.)

3. Start applying in circular motions. (TIP: make sure you get your ankles and top of your feet you do not want to have your feet be whiter than your body and have people question you LOL.) This doesn’t streak. Remember to do the back of your knees, inside of your elbows, back of your ears, back of your neck right net to the hairline.

4. Now on to our hands I take off my gloves for this and I start applying to the top of my hands, back of my wrists and between my fingers. When you are done take a regular towel and wet it so its pretty damp and wipe off the palm of your hands.

5. So we are done tanning. Don’t get discouraged the color takes around 2 hours to develop. When we are done it would be ideal to take a lotion and put it all over your body to lock in moisture. I personally love the Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Body Lotion. Apply that everywhere and wait for the lotion to dry and you can put on your clothes. ๐Ÿ™‚ Your clothes won’t get stained. (After my first time i put on a White T-Shirt to make sure ;))

Personally I don’t like to do my face because I can always get a foundation to match it. I wouldn’t want to mess up but if you would like to try it then go ahead let us know how it went for you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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