Tutorial Tuesday – Mr. Geek Look from TIGI B for Men

If you know anything about us, you know we love TIGI hair products! Now you’ll learn another one of our favorites: Geeky Guys! We’re not so sure anyone could really resist Ryan Gosling  in his nerdy glasses. Watch the quick video below to see how you (or your main squeeze) can achieve that nerdy look with just a few steps! Links to the products used below too!

We won’t be mad if you throw in a little bow tie either!

1.Shampoo & Conditioner 2. Grooming Cream 



Quick Beauty Tip – Make Tweezing Less Painful!

quicktip-tweezeWe understand the famous words “beauty takes pain,” but it doesn’t always have to!

Soften your skin before tweezing your eyebrows with some warm water on a cotton swab. This will allow the pores to open up and your eyebrow hairs will slide right out with a light pull of a tweezer. Remember to always pull in the direction the hair is growing to avoid ingrown hairs!

Nail Art – Do’s & Don’ts

In recent months, we have seen Nail Art explode! Ladies of all ages are experimenting with nail art and some are toeing the line between trendy and tacky. We’ve asked our beauty experts to give us their personal rules so you’ll never have a question about choosing your nail art. As if the wall of lovely colors wasn’t enough of a decision!


Quick Beauty Tip – Hide Your Roots!

quicktip-hiderootsWe are all busy, and sometimes retouching our hair gets bumped to the bottom of the list. Luckily, I have a quick way you can hide your roots!

The zig-zag part has made a comeback! Use it to hide your roots and break up that harsh look of them growing out.

Use a comb to part your hair at an angle to the left or to the right and part it back the opppsite way. Bonus: This look also creates volume!

Blake Lively is a fan of this look & I gotta say, we are too!

Tutorial Tuesday – How To Use Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo has quickly become the best friend of ladies everywhere! But, if you’re anything like me, you are nervous to try the stuff! The last thing you need when in a rush is to make your not-so-fresh hair even worse with clumpy, powdery dry shampoo. Below is a step by step tutorial. Be sure to follow the 10 inch away rule. Once you have sprayed it on, let it sit for 2 minutes without touching it. Then flip your head over to comb out any excess powder. My final tip is, resist the urge to touch it for the rest of the day. Although you have beautiful, fresh looking hair, you can’t run your fingers through it as usual. Trust me on this one!

How To: Airbrush Makeup

We’re about to enter into prom season, which is quickly followed by wedding season! Whether you’re a prom queen or blushing bride, I’m sure you’re asking yourself the million dollar question “how do I keep my makeup flawless all night?” Look no further! We have the secret that celebrities have been using for years – airbrush makeup! Don’t be scared now! We know it can be intimidating, but with our instructions, and ridiculously low prices, you’re going to get hooked on this technique for many events to come!

We’ve tried & tested multiple at home airbrush makeup systems, and stand strongly by the Luminess Air system. Your starter kit will include your machine, a travel bag, 4 shades of foundation, a primer, blush, shimmer and bronzer. You can choose the kit that matches your skin, whether you’re fair, medium, tan or dark.

Luminess Air Premium Airbrush Cosmetics System Starter Kit

Luminess Air Premium Airbrush Cosmetics System Starter Kit

Here’s what you do:

  1. Clean – We repeat – CLEAN your face. The last thing you need is to airbrush over excess dirt. We recommend a good scrub, cleanse, and toning session beforehand.
  2. Prime – while your system will come with a primer, if you have a fav, feel free to use it! This is real makeup, so make yourself comfortable!
  3. Test – load your airbrush with foundation and test on your wrist. Be sure you’ve got a smooth airstream. Check for kinks in your hose. If the stream is not smooth, your foundation won’t be either!
  4. Begin – spray a light layer of foundation all over your face and neck. Keep the brush about 8 inches from your face. If you don’t feel like it is enough, remember you can apply as many coats as you want until you reach your desired coverage.
  5. Blush – next apply your airbrush blush. Use the light feeling of the air on your cheekbones to guide you.
  6. Bronze – if you’re going for a sunkissed look, brush some of your bronzer across your t zone.
  7. Shine – to really stand out, finish your face and neck with a very light coat of shimmer.
  8. Detail: Complete your look with airbrush eye shadow. Nothing stays put like it! Let your tears flow safely during a toast, or while accepting your tiara. Use waterproof eyeliner & mascara.
  9. Pucker up: finish your lips & go! You look great!
Before and After Luminess Air

Before and After Luminess Air


From Ultra to Coachella: Festival Essentials

festival-guide1. Backpack (Where are you going to keep everything? Check the festival guidelines first though, you may have to get something smaller.)

2. Suncreen (Apply and reapply some more!)

3. Mirror (Quick teeth check, quick makeup check)

4. Lip Balm (Avoid chapped lips and select one with SPF protection)

5. Travalo (Small enough to take your favorite perfume with you.)

6. OPI Chip Skip (Who wants a chipped mani?)

7. Cheap Sunglasses (Protect your eyes but avoid having your Ray Bans trampled over.)

8. iPhone Case (This case is convenient to keep cash, ID and credit cards within your reach for emergencies.)


Quick Beauty Tip – Clean Jewelry Like A Pro!

We have all been stopped at a kiosk in the mall where someone wants to scrub down our jewelry. Luckily, we’ve learned their precise technique and you can achieve the same sparkle with your own tools at home. All you need is a toothbrush, your face cleanser, and a small dish. quicktip-cleanjewelry

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