Try On Your New Do – Virtually!

taaz-make-over-websiteThinking about making a drastic change this Summer? Chopping off your long locks? Dying your hair bright pink? Whatever your plans are, now you can get comfortable with the idea of them before you commit to it! Using this super cute app, Taaz, available for iPhones & Androids, you can now try a hairstyle on your next selfie! It’s an indecisive person’s dream come true! We went ahead and used a model for this example.

You an upload your own picture online or on your phone and you adjust the custom settings so they can place the hair as naturally as possible on your head. Your even get to put on make up & Change your eye color.

Hmm, i am thinking i might want to try hazel eyes. 🙂

Let us know!


Quick Beauty Tip – Traveling With Cosmetics

quicktip-traveling-with-cosmeticsTraveling this Summer? Even better, moving to a new house? Hopefully you haven’t been unfortunate enough to pack your favorite bronzer and eyeshadow only to find that it is cracked into a million shimmering pieces when you reach your destination. As seen here, the easiest quick fix is to lay a cotton pad or cotton ball flat on top of your cosmetics and close the case. This will keep the makeup in place and prevent breakage.

If you feel comfortable because your makeup already includes a pad, let me go one step further to recommend leaving those application pads OUT of your cases. They are great for when you’re on the go, but they tend to soak up the natural oils in cosmetics making them dry out before you can use them. Only use the cotton pad/ball technique for transporting your goods!

Tutorial Tuesday -Steamy Matte Nails!











  1. Paint your nails with your polish of choice. (Road House Blues is the one featured here.)
  2. Bring a pot of water to a boil.  (The big pot is not necessary – pasta was cooked shortly after.)
  3. While waiting for the water to boil, paint your second coat (or third).
  4. Put your hand over the steam for about 4 seconds. Careful! not to close! (Please note: If you are younger than 18 years old, ask for permission and parental supervision.)
  5. There you go – matte nails!

P.S. If you would like to mimic a french manicure, line the tips with clear polish.

Stay beautiful!


How to take the perfect selfie

Instagram_selfieAccording to Time Magazine we are in the me…me…me generation also referred to as the millennials. This means were all about us with our facebook, twitter, and instagram accounts and of course all of those social networks wouldn’t be possible without the renowned selfies.  Having just conquered the art of the selfie, I thought it was my duty to share my secrets. Your pictures are now circulating the web for everyone to see so we think it’s our duty to give you the tools to put your best face forward.

To take the perfect picture the first step is no foundation. Of course everyone’s impulse is to cake it on but according to celeb artist, Pati Dubroff, it actually accentuates lines, pores and dry patches. Instead, try using a matte primer, it prevents shine and minimizes pores. Then add a touch of concealer on any other visible spots you find on your face.

Now we want your eyes to pop! Bright eyes are a must for the selfie! Because selfies create bad lighting and grainy videos it ends up casting a shadow under your eye. Use an eye-brightening concealer or pen. Add a touch of it underneath your eye and blend it.

Moving to the picture perfect lip, go 3-D. Red lipsticks read too flat and the camera craves dimension. Instead, pick moisture pink or berry lip balm. This will give you more dimension and keep your lips from blending in with the rest of your face.

Next skip the eye shadow! Eyeshadows weigh down your eyelids. Instead use a liner it will emphasize the eyes without adding weight. Choose a dark grey or brown (black may be too harsh) and trace the liner along the top lids only!

How can we forget, your cheeks? For the selfie dewy cheeks create a nice glow so leave out the dull powders and apply a cream blush to the apples of your cheeks.

Now that you’re selfie superstar, your photo shoot is almost ready to start! One of the most important aspects of this picture is the angle. Avoid doubling your chin. A universally flattering angle is slightly above your face and having your face turned at an angle.  Another tip is to pay attention to the lighting. Professional photographers suggest using indirect light as opposed to shining light directly on a subject. You can achieve this effect by shinning your light onto a wall or using a large white poster board to bounce the sunlight onto you. Probably the most important factor in conquering the perfect selfie is just RELAX. Taking a picture of yourself is supposed to be fun, not stressful. Plus you have the ability to take as many photos as you want and can delete the ones that aren’t post worthy! Now you’re ready to be the selfie superstar we talked about earlier! Be a photographer for the day and showcase the art of yourself and your own work!

Take A Fake-Cation With us!

At-Home Spa Essentials at

At-Home Spa Essentials at

Today is officially the first day of Summer! Some of us are lucky enough to be sailing, flying or driving to their favorite getaway this summer, escaping their mundane daily routines, but those of us left behind deserve a little “me” time too. We wouldn’t want any of our beautiful readers to feel that longing for a vacay, so this year instead of taking a mainstream stay-cation, we’re giving you the tools to take a full on fake-cation! Everything you need to get a sunkissed skin, fresh out of the salon mani, and beachy waves is right here. Your coworkers will think you spent the weekend in the Bahamas! Your secret is safe with us!”

Start with a sleek moisturizing hair mask. It will repair badly damaged hair from hot tools and chemical services. Because it’s enriched with anti oxidants, vitamin E and keratin protein, it will nourish and mend split ends, leaving your hair touchable, soft and smooth. Then apply a Cucumber Face Mask. Nothing says beach vacation like the cooling sensation of a cucumber mask. It will leave your skin calm, smooth and hydrated. You can apply it under the eye area to reduce puffiness leaving your face completely rejuvenated. Next, get your tan on! Either you can use the Luminess air brush system to spray to get a flawless tan or the easy to apply TanTowel. Either way you will be left with an amazing just off the boat tan without any of the negative side effects associated with skin damage. While that amazing tan is soaking into your pastey skin… Manicure time! This Nail Fix is the perfect kit to leave your nails looking manicure perfect. This kit contains OPI Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil which is rich in therapeutic, skin-loving Avocado Oil and is 1000 times more powerful than regular Vitamin E – plus feather-light Grape Seed, Sunflower, Sesame and Kukui Nut oils and Lecithin to restore essential moisture and lipids and nourish dry cuticles. Additionally it contains Tweezerman Cuticle Pusher and Nail Cleaner which is a 2-in-1 nail tool for manicures and pedicures. It combines the famous “Pushy” cuticle pusher with a nail cleaner and features super-thin edges buffed smooth to prevent scratching. Lastly, the BioSwiss Nail Brush which will leave your nails squeaky clean! Now that your palate is rejuvenated with a moisturizing face and hair mask, clean nails and a great tan it’s time to top off this crisp, rested vacation look. Monday morning spay Blow Pro Beach Blow Texturizing Mist to give yourself that amazing voluminous beachy hair look. Then dab TIGI Cosmetics Blush – Awaken on the apples of your cheeks. You’ll look refreshed from head to toe. Who needs a vacation to revive yourself when you can look even better staying where you are? Fake it until you make it!!

Tutorial Tuesday – Mascara as Eyeliner

There is nothing worse than getting ready for a night on the town and misplacing your eyeliner except maybe running to the ladies room for a touch up and realizing you forgot your eyeliner altogether! Here’s a creative way to use mascara as eyeliner. Simply take an angle brush and apply mascara to the upper lid using the guideline below. No one will know the difference! tutorial tuesday mascara as eyeliner


Summer 2013 Makeup Trends!

  • Summer 2013 Trends Grunge
    As seen at: Versace S/S 13

Get Her Look – Sookie Stackhouse

Get Sookie Stackhouse's LookTrue Blood is back this Sunday. We can’t imagine anything being crazier than last season, but if anyone can stretch our imaginations further, it is the writers, producers & cast of True Blood! One thing that has stayed consistent across the seasons has been every hunky guy falling head over heels in love with Sookie Stackhouse! Here’s how to get her sweet, innocent, yet appropriately sexy look! Sookie may be constantly running around town saving people’s lives from supernatural creatures, but her skin always stays flawless & matte. We included everything you need to get that doe eyed look. Anna Paquin has big brown eyes, so we used a brown eyeliner. You may want to choose a shade that matches your eye color!

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Quick Beauty Tip – What To Apply Around Your Eyes

Apply Higher SPF Around The Eyes

You don’t have to be a total beauty maven to know the importance of applying SPF to your skin before sun exposure, but you may not have realized that you should be applying a higher SPF around your eyes. Since the skin is much more delicate and thin in this area, dab on a drop of higher SPF 30 minutes before going in the sun!

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