How To: Holiday Hairstyle #1 Crushing Waves

crushing waves

Thinking of making a grand entrance to this year’s Holiday festivities with a statement hairstyle? Learn how to master Crushing Waves just in time!


1) The Rollers – Start by getting your hot rollers ready. Rollers create natural-looking curls that cascade elegantly.Divide your hair into 3 sections. Doing this helps you manage the rollers and make sure  everything gets curled properly, especially if you have hair that is very long and thick!

Tip- Make sure your hair is dry, since hair won’t hold curls if you use this method with wet hair.

2) Remove the Rollers – Take off the pins and let your curls fall away from the rollers. Use your fingers to separate and fluff up your curls.


3) Touching Up – If you choose to, you can touch up your hair with a curling wand to further perfect your look.





4) Last but not least – After gently brushing out your hair into cascading waves, were off to the final step! Spray your hair with a texturizing mist for a long lasting style that will never leave your hair sticky or stiff! Now that you’re ready to make a grand entrance, let the good times roll!ut not Least

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