How To Holiday Hairstyle #3 – Volumized Blow Out

Gwen Stefani

Volumized Blow Out

Turn up the volume this holiday season and don’t underestimate the power of a simple blow out enhanced with extra volume. A volumized blow out is always a fashionable statement that gives an elegant look. This look is perfect for any holiday party or event and can easily be done at home. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Katie Holmes, Kate Middleton, and so many others rock this beautiful, yet simple hairstyle.



  • After showering, blot hair with a towel or wrap hair in a hair towel.  It’s easy to let hair air dry, but don’t, otherwise your hair will end up frizzy.
  • Spray in a leave-in conditioner to protect hair from heat.
  • Use a vent hair brush & position the brush under roots.  Roll it up and away from your face, this will give an extra lift. Work your way from roots to end, eliminating moisture from your hair. Tip- Always hold the dryer nozzle down as you dry hair to help seal cuticles for extra shine.
  • Tease the under section of the hair before smoothing out the top with a round hair brush for that added Oomph!
  • Spray hair with a volumizing hairspray for extra hold and a hairstyle that will last.

Strut your stuff into that holiday event, you’re ready to go!

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