Tutorial Tuesday – Holiday Eye Makeup


Get festive this holiday season with hot eye makeup! 

Always remember, Darker on the outside, Lighter on the inside.

It’s crucial to keep the light colors on the inner corner of the eye and the darker ones on the outside. Doing so will help to make your eyes look much bigger and more open. Remember to blend so you don’t see where the colors start and end, it should be a nice, gradual fade. The darkest color should be at the outer most corner of your eye and fade into your crease. When doing the application, you’re creating a horizontal “V” with the corner part of the “V” matching up with the corner of the eye and to open part of the “V” fading into the crease.

Shimmery eye shadows reflect the light and help bring your natural eye color out. When making your eyes look bigger, use a very light, or even a white shimmer on the inner most corner of your eye (even underneath) to really open up your eye area. Again, make sure you blend!

We chose to start with a shimmery gold eye shadow on the inner part of the eye and use a deep burgundy eye shadow for the outer crease.

 Get this look this holiday season, and stand out!

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