Tea Bags Are Beauty Bags

Green, black, white, Lipton and Earl Grey…teas are a part of a natural health routine for some of us. With the number of health benefits tea has, it’s no wonder we found natural uses for it!


Tea contains anticancer properties and helps promote weight loss, but did you know about the different benefits it has for your hair and skin?

Let’s start with the hair. To make it shinier and easier to manage, rinse your hair with a cup of tea. This is suggested for dark hair since teas can temporarily and subtly dye hair. For those looking for natural highlights, rinse your hair with a cup of tea various times a week for a fun change!Brew a cup of tea, green tea preferably, and sip while you read. You may want to try some of these after you’re done with your tea time!

How about making your own body brew? Natural beauty tip number 2! Tea helps soothe razor burns and sunburns. For small areas, you can use the tea bags. Allow the tea bags to cool after steeping and then apply the tea bag over the affected area.

If the sun loved you too much on that beach day, then a tea-bath is in order. Fill your tub with the water need in the hottest water temperature, let the tea bags soak and allow it to cool. Submerge your body in the tea bath and soak!

These antioxidant filled gems can also aid in shrinking warts. After brewing, place a warm tea bag for about 10 minutes on the wart(s). Drink the tea you brewed while you wait!  Do it a few times per day every day and you will start seeing results after a few days. You’re welcome!

In conjunction with our “Master of Disguise” post, let’s address eye puffiness. Though beauty sleep can help this in the long run, sometimes it’s not in the cards for us. Tea bags can do the job of cold spoons if you have 20 minutes to spare. Soak the tea bags in warm water. Place them on each eye for 20-30 minutes and rinse off any tea stains.

Tea also has an astringency that can help make your face less greasy. This means it’s a perfect facial toner. Quickly wipe a tea bag over your trouble zones and then blot with a clean towel. It shouldn’t leave any tea stain residue on your face.

Try out these tea bag cures and share your results with us!


Quick Beauty Tip – Bobby Pins…The Right Way

This discovery on how to correctly use bobby pins is a truth that will shake the beauty  and hair nation.

Or not.

Either way, prepare to be mind-blown.


Even I am guilty of using bobby pins incorrectly, but after some research once bobby pins became frustrating for not staying put, I realized how my actions were flawed.

For better grip, use the bobby pin with the wavy side down facing your scalp. The ribbed side will help keep hair in place for that bun or side-swept look you’re going for.

Happy styling beauty friends!

Tutorial Tuesday- How To Apply Fake Lashes


Whether you want a natural look or dramatic, the steps are the same to apply fake lashes. Be bold and try this tutorial!

  1. Remove the lashes from their box (pull from the middle) & measure them against your eye. You want them a bit shorter than the width of your eye. Trim the excess!
  2. Run a thin line of glue along the lash band & wait.
  3. Press false lash carefully along your natural lash line. Be careful not to leave one side sticking out or going into the inner corner of your eye.
  4. Repeat for the other eye and apply mascara to blend the natural and fake lashes so that they look fuller. If it feels awkward, peel away the dried glue & start over!

P.S. It shouldn’t hurt or itch.


Master of Disguise: Conceal a Late Night Out


The morning after a late night out is when you realize that your eyes, skin, hair and scent is an emergency in itself.

During the weekend you can manage to pull it together but on weekdays, it becomes a race against the clock and the urging need for your co-workers, classmates, or any peers to be oblivious that you had an amazing night dancing, catching up with friends and the occasional drink.

Don’t you fret – we have an arsenal of beauty tips and tricks to conceal the fantastic night you had!

Step 1: Shower. Please. It will help you wake up and refresh yourself. We are hoping that you at least used makeup remover wipes before crawling into bed but if not, take this time to use an exfoliating scrub to brighten pale-looking skin caused by lack of sleep. Make sure to follow with a moisturizer after step 3.

Step 2: Drink H2O the entire time you’re getting ready. Add some lemon juice to help your body flush out toxins. This will help you hydrate after a long night and help you survive the day.

Step 3: Tend to your eyes. Worried about eye swelling? You can soothe it by using an ice cube. You can even use it on your entire face to help with circulation and firmness. Don’t leave the ice cube in one area for too long. If the swelling is really prominent, use frozen spoons instead or a gel eye mask if you have more time.

Step 4: Moisturize. And keep drinking water!

Step 5: Reach for a BB Cream! You are in a hurry and trying to look alive. BB creams are quick ways to cover up minor blemishes and add some color. If you need concealer for your dark eye circles, then by all means!

Step 6: Add color. Use blush to get a natural glow and lip gloss or lipstick for your pout.

Step 7: Last, but not least, freshen up your hair. Dry shampoo works wonders to absorb oil and improve body.

Step 8: Go to work, appointment, meeting, etc. with confidence that no one will be the wiser about the previous night.

What tips and tricks do you use?

Quick Beauty Tip – Refresh Your Hair



Have you heard the saying “time is money”? How about “beauty takes time”? In retrospect, both statements are true but as go-getters we won’t let time be a problem!

Gym time makes us sweat, but washing our hair every day can dry out your luscious locks.

Try blow drying the nape of your neck and around the hairline. Use a styling cream or serum before giving your hair a quick blow dry – it will calm frizzy hair and flyaways.

Maybe you’re running late and can’t wash your hair. In order to go from greasy hair to great hair, use dry shampoo. In a pinch, baby powder can be applied to soak up the oil. Make sure to rub your hands together so the powder is evenly spread on your fingertips and palms. Then massage it into your scalp close to the roots. Brush your hair through afterwards.

For curly hairstyles, using a leave-in conditioner instead of water on refresh days helps make your hair much more manageable.

Tutorial Tuesday – Messy Fishtail Braid Bun

Braids are a great way to get different hair bun styles. Today’s braided bun style is great for special occasions whether it be a wedding, family party or even a fancy date night.

You want your hair to have volume and texture. Try using a small amount of styling product like the Sexy Healthy Soy Paste to help you style and texturize.


1. Add quick curls to your hair. You can use a curling wand or a straightening iron to make strands curly/wavy for the needed texture.

2. This particular bun is done by doing a fishtail braid to the side but you can also do the braid so that the bun will be in the middle.

3. Use a hair tie to keep the braid put. Begin teasing the braid by pulling on it lightly to make it loose and wide.

4. Twist it into a bun.

5. Use bobby pins to maintain it in place and voila!

Stay beautiful!


The Right Way To Wash Your Face

Believe it or not, there is a right and wrong way to wash your face. As one of the first steps to facial skin care, it is part of our daily routine. From face washes, to water temperatures, to toners and exfoliating scrubs there are so many options and tips to consider to put your best face forward.

Before the face washing can begin, wash your hands and remove your makeup. By washing your hands, you avoid the bacteria and extra oils that you can transfer to your face. Makeup used can be particularly difficult to completely remove through just a face wash.

Cute woman wash her  face with water

Tip 1

Wet your face with tepid water and rinse it with cool water. Too hot or too cold can shock the skin and irritate it.

Tip 2

Select a cleanser according to your skin type. We suggest a foaming cleanser that suits all skin types. it is sulfate and fragrance free! Plus, the foaming attributes of the cleanser help remove makeup, oil and impurities in one go.

Tip 3

Don’t over-cleanse! Washing and exfoliating your face too many times in one day can strip your skin of essential oils and cause irritation. The best suggestion? Follow your skin type. Oily skin should be washed morning and night whereas very dry/sensitive skin can be left to once a day at the end of your night. Be frugal with your face cleanser as well. Too much of any cleanser out there will strip essential oils and lead to irritation. For the health buffs out there, always cleanse after a workout to avoid breakouts.

Tip 4

Use a clean towel to pat dry your face. A towel that is dirty can transfer dirt and oils back onto your face. Rubbing your face dry can also cause irritation.

Tip 5

Try alternating your face cleansing routine between washing and exfoliating. Once you begin to exfoliate, you will notice that your skin glows a little brighter than before. It is great for removing dead skin cells and other impurities that cling to your pores leading to clearer skin. There are exfoliating scrubs and technology that you can use two to three times a week. We love the Clarisonic Mia Sonic Cleansing System! It gently removes embedded dirt and oil and improves your skin’s tone and texture.


Tip 6

Moisturize and protect your skin! Again, pay attention to your skin type. You can also find many moisturizers with SPF 15, 30 – whatever suits your needs. Select a face cream that combines moisture and protection to deliver excellent results! Perhaps one with a vitamin C boost to your skin that will preserves and maintain maximum hydration.

With these tips, you will see incredible results! Happy cleansing!

Stay Beautiful On-The-Go

businesswoman walking isolated

Define: Woman On-The-Go

[Noun] A woman who is a go-getter. Typically, a strong, confident and stylish woman. She has so many things to do and little time to do it. Master strategist.
We know that we are women on-the-go. Meetings, appointments, dates, family dinners, job deadlines, social gatherings – the list goes on! With that said we have to always be prepared for transitioning from day to night or for impromptu errands.

Even so, game-face on ladies. Be effortlessly chic with these must have items in your bag!

  • Makeup bag & mirror: You want to be able to see whether your teeth are clean or your makeup is in place. For sanitary purposes, separate your makeup essentials from the rest of your items in your purse or bag.
  • Makeup removal wipes: If you’re transitioning from the office to an evening event, you may not have enough time to get home and freshen up. Makeup removal wipes are easily portable and is a quick cleanser to have a fresh face.
  • Lipstick/lip gloss/chap stick: Need I say more? Personally, you will find lipstick and Chap Stick in my bag. Keep your lips hydrated and add some color when needed!
  • Face moisturizer: After cleansing your face, don’t skip on some of your skin care essentials. We know that moisturizing is key.
  • BB Cream with SPF protection: Perfect for go-getters everywhere! It allows for finger-friendly application and medium coverage. They have skin-improving formulas and will keep that foundation low maintenance. Plus, SPF protection. You’re set. Try Dr. Brandt Skincare Flexitone BB Cream with SPF 30.
  • Eyeliner: Add some color to your eyes if needed. If you don’t use eyeliner, replace it with an eye shadow that matches most of your outfits.
  • Deodorant/perfume: In a hurry does not mean that you can’t smell fresh all day. Even body sprays work. It will remove any self-conscious thoughts about whether or not you smell like you ran a few blocks to be on time.
  • Mint/gum: Fresh breath. That’s it.
  • Pain reliever: Headaches, Mother Nature – keep some for an emergency.

Stay beautiful on-the-go!

Quick Beauty Tip – Shine 101



There are many options to reduce that shiny, oily look on your face after makeup is applied or on bare skin. We have heard of mattifying gels, mattifying creams, oil absorbing sheets and more.

Want a quick tip? Carry around a compact finishing powder or other small container. Easily stored away and easily accessible, a finishing powder is great for touch-ups throughout the day and throughout your date nights!

Focus on your T-zone – it’s the area where most of the annoying oil sneaks up on you.

Looking for suggestions?


Glo Minerals Perfecting Powder, a translucent powder that leaves you with a clean, matte finish. You can also try Youngblood Mineral Perfecting Powder, a sheer finishing loose powder that minimizes the look of fine lines and absorbs oil.

Tutorial Tuesday – DIY Lip Stain

Lip stains are a great way to give lips a beautiful flush of color. With the stickiness of lip gloss, the heaviness of lipstick, lip stains are feather-like in comparison. If you’re a fruit lover, like myself, you’ll love this all natural lip stain!


You will need:

  • 5 raspberries
  • 5 blackberries
  • 1 teaspoon of olive oil

Materials used:

  • small bowl
  • fork
  • sealable container

Step 1:  Mix and mash the raspberries and blackberries in the small bowl with a fork

Step 2: Add olive oil to the bowl and continue mixing and combining the beauty concoction

Step 3: Using the fork as your strainer, drain liquid into the sealable container

Apply to lips using your finger and wash your hands right away – berries stain clothing.  Make sure the container is airtight and store it in the refrigerator. You have one week of happy staining!

Tip: For paler complexions, a sheer wash of color looks best. For darker complexions, darker tones work well.

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