Quick Beauty Tip – Refresh Your Hair



Have you heard the saying “time is money”? How about “beauty takes time”? In retrospect, both statements are true but as go-getters we won’t let time be a problem!

Gym time makes us sweat, but washing our hair every day can dry out your luscious locks.

Try blow drying the nape of your neck and around the hairline. Use a styling cream or serum before giving your hair a quick blow dry – it will calm frizzy hair and flyaways.

Maybe you’re running late and can’t wash your hair. In order to go from greasy hair to great hair, use dry shampoo. In a pinch, baby powder can be applied to soak up the oil. Make sure to rub your hands together so the powder is evenly spread on your fingertips and palms. Then massage it into your scalp close to the roots. Brush your hair through afterwards.

For curly hairstyles, using a leave-in conditioner instead of water on refresh days helps make your hair much more manageable.

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