Master of Disguise: Conceal a Late Night Out


The morning after a late night out is when you realize that your eyes, skin, hair and scent is an emergency in itself.

During the weekend you can manage to pull it together but on weekdays, it becomes a race against the clock and the urging need for your co-workers, classmates, or any peers to be oblivious that you had an amazing night dancing, catching up with friends and the occasional drink.

Don’t you fret – we have an arsenal of beauty tips and tricks to conceal the fantastic night you had!

Step 1: Shower. Please. It will help you wake up and refresh yourself. We are hoping that you at least used makeup remover wipes before crawling into bed but if not, take this time to use an exfoliating scrub to brighten pale-looking skin caused by lack of sleep. Make sure to follow with a moisturizer after step 3.

Step 2: Drink H2O the entire time you’re getting ready. Add some lemon juice to help your body flush out toxins. This will help you hydrate after a long night and help you survive the day.

Step 3: Tend to your eyes. Worried about eye swelling? You can soothe it by using an ice cube. You can even use it on your entire face to help with circulation and firmness. Don’t leave the ice cube in one area for too long. If the swelling is really prominent, use frozen spoons instead or a gel eye mask if you have more time.

Step 4: Moisturize. And keep drinking water!

Step 5: Reach for a BB Cream! You are in a hurry and trying to look alive. BB creams are quick ways to cover up minor blemishes and add some color. If you need concealer for your dark eye circles, then by all means!

Step 6: Add color. Use blush to get a natural glow and lip gloss or lipstick for your pout.

Step 7: Last, but not least, freshen up your hair. Dry shampoo works wonders to absorb oil and improve body.

Step 8: Go to work, appointment, meeting, etc. with confidence that no one will be the wiser about the previous night.

What tips and tricks do you use?

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