Men Skin Care – Face and Body

menGentlemen, today we address skin care…for men.

There is a stigma that men don’t need to use facial cleansers or lotions or follow a routine.  And that’s just what it is – a stigma. Now with men skin care lines available in your local drugstore, online and even at the mall, there is no reason why men can’t have skin comparable to those of the stars.

One of the biggest factors that results in clogged pores is gym time. The bacteria on equipment combined with sweating from physical activity results in a fast-acting formula for “bacne” or body acne.

95% of adults encounter pimples, pustules, blackheads and whiteheads. Of course it wouldn’t remain isolated to your youthful years. The reason? Clogged pores on your chest, back and face.

Here is the breakdown of what you SHOULD do:

  • Shower everyday especially after a workout, no matter the rigor.
  • Change out your bed sheets on a weekly basis if possible. Or at least every two weeks. Dead skin cells, oil and sweat remain on your sheets allowing recontamination on your skin. This applies to your pillowcases too.
  • Sanitize before you begin your sets. Use the sanitation wipes usually available at public gyms to prevent outbreaks.
  • Be timely. If you notice that you are starting to breakout, treat the acne immediately. There are spot treatments available, body washes with salicylic acid, treatment creams and more

As for what you should do in the restroom, it’s simple.

  • Use a cleanser twice a day to wash your face. A mild cleanser is suggested even if you are prone to breakouts. You want to avoid any products that will overdry your skin.
  • Moisturize. This rule isn’t just for women. Unless you’re a fan of dry, flaky skin, you will want to implement a moisturizer in your daily routine.
  • For those of you that battle with razor burn and ingrown hairs (which can resemble pimples), try using a pre-shave oil. It will keep your skin moisturized and supple for shaving. If you are switching the direction you will shave in, reapply the pre-shave oil.
  • Try getting a facial. We are serious. Cleaning out your pores and relaxing at the same time will do great things for your skin health and mental/physical relaxation.

Though we emphasized face and body acne, the above suggestions for skin care on your face and body will help maintain optimal skin health overall, not just a clear face.

So men, share. Is there something you do every morning and/or every night for your skin and body?

We want to know!

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