3 Places You Might Forget to Apply Sunscreen — But Shouldn’t


Sunscreen is a must in our beauty bag. A good sunscreen not only prevents the skin from darkening but also protects us from UVA and UVB rays which can cause sunburn and lead to skin cancer. Sunscreens are available in various forms: lotion, gel, cream and sprays. The funny thing about sunscreen is that it many of us are not applying it properly. Even the most careful way of applying sunscreen can result in burns and oddly tanned lines. While we never fail to apply sunscreen on our face, arms, neck and legs there are a few places we often forget to apply:

HANDS: Our hands spend way more time in the sun than any other body part and should be given equal attention. Constant exposure to sun on hands can cause age spots and wrinkles. UV rays can always damage the fingernails.

FEET: Our feet suffer from sun tan and sunburn just like other parts of the body. According to a survey, skin care on the feet often goes unnoticed because people don’t check their feet as diligently as other body parts.

BACK OF LEGS: Many times when applying sunscreen to our legs we miss behind our knees. This is mostly seen when you sit and apply the lotion as the knees are folded. It may seem unimportant at that moment but when you sunbathe and flip, they are exposed and can also burn easily.


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