Because our now generation is about DIY everything, BLISS makes it easy for us to achieve a safe wax at home even if you’re a waxing virgin! We agree with Bliss that hard wax is the best wax, especially for smaller areas like the under arms and bikini. While “hot” or “strip” wax has the tendency to be more popular, more wax-savvy establishments are moving on to the hard wax as people believe it to be less painful. Hard wax requires a low temperature and is pinch-less, meaning it does not require a strip to remove – it shrink wraps your hair and pulls directly from the root.

Bliss’s poetic waxing kit is a hard wax that features everything you need for the perfect at-home wax, including a pre-waxing oil treatment and a soothing after-wax oil. If it’s your first time waxing we recommend practicing on a large, flat area, like your leg or arm, so you can master the technique before moving on to more difficult-to-reach and sensitive places. Before removing the wax, pull the skin taut to avoid bruising. When you pull on the wax, make sure to pull parallel and low to the body.

The key to the perfect wax is in the prep. Before waxing, it’s helpful to exfoliate to rid the skin of dead cells and allow hairs to break through the surface. Bliss also recommends using a gentle antiseptic cleanser with rose and chamomile to remove surface bacteria, perspiration and makeup prior to hair removal.


Bliss Poetic Waxing At Home Hair Removal Kit includes everything you need to wax face or body. It is a safe and effective, strip-free hard wax hair removal system! Wax does not adhere to skin and is gentle enough for sensitive skin. Wax is warmed up in microwave and “How To” Guide is included


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