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After several seasons of elaborate nail art, bold neons and loud metallics, the tides are changing. On and off the runway we spotted dozens of chic neutrals. From barely there pinks to opaque creams, old school pale nails are everything this season. Just like foundation, nailing the right nude is all about finding the right shade for your skin tone.

Fair Skin: Sheer Pink

The best neutral tone for fair skin is pink because it supports the pink and blue undertones in pale skin tones. The idea is to brighten and subtly enhance your nails while still letting them show through a little by using a shiny, sheer formula.

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Medium Skin: Pink-y-Beige

Medium skin tones look best with a pink-y beige. It can help brighten the natural skin tone.

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Olive Skin: Creamy Beige

Pale, creamy nude tones work well with medium skin tones because they highlight the inherent tan hue of the skin while providing just the right amount of contrast.

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Dark Skin: Rosy Beige

If you have dark skin, you’ve got options. Dark skin tones can handle the greatest variety of colors, the beige component contrasts nicely with dark skin while the warm tone of rose complements it.

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