The reverse french or “half-moon” manicure is definitely a mega trend of the season. Instead of highlighting the tips of your nail, like a french manicure, this trend focusses on the moons of your nails (the half circle base of your nail.) As far as nail art goes, it’s a lot easier┬áthan it looks. Just remember to use a lighter shade for the moon of your nail and tag us on instagram (@thebeautyplace) with #mondaymanicure



1. Start with clean, bare nails. After you prep your nails, paint two coats of the color that you want to show near your cuticle. Be sure to paint your whole nail.

2. Wait for it to dry.

3. Place reinforcement stickers on the lower third of each nail, making sure to keep the curve centered.

4. Paint two coats of the other polish (Don’t worry about getting a little on the stickers).

5. Let the polish dry for a few seconds, so it gets a little tacky but doesn’t harden completely. Gently peel off the stickers in one motion. (Personally, I like using glitter for the bottom part, since it makes for easy touchups if a little polish comes off during this step!)

4. Finish with a clear top coat.


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