One of the hardest decisions when first becoming makeup obsessed is choosing your makeup brushes. Unless you are a professional makeup artists, its hard to know what the essentials are, especially with all the brushes on the market. Thats why today, we’re going to break it down for you.

Brushology 101:

Foundation Brush: These bad boys are great for spreading liquid and/or cream foundation all over your mug. You can even use them to apply primer and moisturizer evenly across your face, if you’d rather not use your fingers or a sponge. TIP: Don’t forget to blend hard-to-reach angles of the face, such as around the nose, forehead and chin.

Concealer Brush: These are generally narrow with a slightly tapered edge and are great for – you guessed it – applying concealer right under your eye where those annoying, morning shadows appear (always at the worst of times!). TIP: Apply the concealer in small tapping motions under the eye and then use your ring finger to press into the skin until fully blended for a flawless finish.

Powder Brush: I love big, soft, fluffy powder brushes, mainly because they dispense just the right amount of product all over the face. You can use these to dust loose powders over the face and even the body (especially the décolletage) and they’re also fantastic for applying finishing powders to set your makeup. TIP: Brush powder all over face, in downward strokes, until your complexion looks natural and even.

Contouring Brush:  Thanks to the Kardashians, it’s all about contouring the cheeks for those gorgeous, angled cheekbones. Contouring brushes are flat with an angled edge and are great for defining the angular parts of your face. TIP: Apply powder along the underside of your cheekbone for a chiselled effect.

Kabuki Brush: These thicker-than-average tools are generally used for blending powders for an overall polished look. TIP: If your makeup is looking cakey, buff it with your kabuki brush until it is smudge-free.

Blush Brush: Where would I be without my blush brush?! These soft, medium-full round brushes contain a rounded tip that helps when applying pigment to your cheeks, whether it’s blush, bronzer or highlighter. TIP: Take your brush and lightly tap the colour onto the apples of your cheek and gently tap towards the temple until blended.

Flat Fan Brush: Not many people know how to use these, and I’ve only recently just started, but I can safely say that they’re an absolute necessity at blending and applying powders or creams for a completely flawless finish. TIP: Use to brush away loose eye shadow.

Eye Shadow Brush: This is a must-have that’s great for all of your eyeshadow needs thanks to the tapered, flat bristles which is fantastic at depositing pigment across the eyelids and blending. TIP: Use at an angle to shade the crease of your eyelid.

Eye Blending Brush: If you’re particularly privy to creating a sexy, smokey eye, then a blending brush is a must! Use to blur lines and blend the edges of your eye makeup. TIP: To minimise harsh edges, blend all over by sweeping the brush back and forth in a windshield wiping motion.

Eyeliner Brush: These are narrow, angled brushes that are fantastic for applying gel liner or even shadow as liner. You can use these to create the perfect cat’s eye for a defined look. TIP: Use smooth strokes to line lids close to base of lashes, going from the inner to outer eye corner.

Eyelash Brush: I’m obsessed with these! Seriously obsessed. Not only are they great at removing mascara clumps from lashes, but you can also use them to detangle your falsies and groom your eyebrows as well as use the different shapes and sizes for various lash lengthening purposes (e.g. curved lashes, elongated lashes, straight lashes etc.) TIP: To set your brows, spray some hair spray on a clean disposable mascara wand and run through the hairs.

Eyebrow Brush: These are generally firm and angled and can be used to fill in sparse areas on the brows with powder. They can also be used to blend out eyebrow pencils. TIP: Once you have applied your shadow, use a spoolie brush to blend in light, flicking motions in the direction of your hair growth.

Lip Brush: Like concealer brushes, lip brushes have a firm, thin tip and can be used to create a defined, perfect pout for a more professional look. TIP: Move the brush vertically along the lines of your lips to avoid build ups in the lines.

One last very important step! Always remember to clean your brushes. Brushes should be cleaned at least once a week. This is the bare minimum for an average makeup user. We all have our fair share of bad beauty habits, and one of the most common is unclean brushes. Although it may seem unimportant, failing to sanitize your tools can be worse than forgetting to wash your face! Take proper care of your bristles not only helps in their performance, but also prevents harmful bacteria from forming.


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